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Stopper Toe Stop Design Your Own Roller Skate Quad Floral Indoor Roller Skating Can Floor Tiles Portable Control Board 37-40

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • VERSATILE STOPPER FOR ANY SURFACE - The Gumball Superball toe stopper has a natural rubber that works great on any surface, from wood to asphalt.
  • NATURAL RUBBER DOESN'T LEAVE MARKS - These natural rubber-based roller skate toe stops will not mark up your floor like other roller skate stoppers.
  • GREAT STOPPER SURFACE AREA - These skate brakes have a large 60mm surface area to help you slow down.
  • DOESN'T WEIGH YOU DOWN - The Gumball Superball brakes feature lightweight rubber and a hollow aluminum stem to keep your feet feeling light.
  • DURABLE FOR LONG USE - The stoppers feature an industry first dual compound that will give you long-lasting and quality use. The softer outside provides superior grip, while the harder inside provides longevity and durability.

Product Details

Detail Information

Product Name: Round Shape Toe Stop

Brand: Juntengda

Material:  Rubber

Screws:  Aluminum alloy 5/8" threaded stems

Size: 42mm diameter 25 mm stem length

Weight: 50G


MOQ: 500 pairs

Customize: Acceptable

Product Description

QUALITY MATERIAL- These roller skate toe stoppers are made of quality PU material, which are solid, lightweight and wear-resistant for long time use


STABLE BRAKING-There is a large braking area on these roller skate toe stoppers enabling you to slow down for sudden stop; The hollow round lines on the top of stoppers provide stability for quick stop


LEAVE NO MARKS-These roller skae toe stops are suitable for most floors like wooden floors, asphalt floors, cement floors and so on without marks left behind. You can safely use it indoors or outdoors


GOOD ELASTICITY AND QUIET-These skate toe stoppers have a good elasticity and won’t make harsh sound when braking, which allows you skate easily and happily


ENOUGH QUANTITY-Different colors allow you to replace according to your shoelaces, wheels or personal style


TAILORED CUSTOMIZED SERVICES-The shape and size can be made meeting to your requirement.

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