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Spraying series products include: spray guns, diaphragm pumps, Pneumatic Paint Pressure Pot, Automatic  lift type spraying machine and various accessories.


Spray gun: automatic spray gun, manual spray gun, long rod spray gun (all can customize pipe shape and length), mini spray gun etc.


Diaphragm pumps: plastic pumps, aluminum pumps, metal pumps


Pneumatic Paint Pressure Pot: automatic pressure barrel, manual pressure barrel

Accessories: spray gun accessories, diaphragm pump accessories, air motors, viscosity cups, mixers, pneumatic pressure regulators, low pressure paint filters, plastic steel self-locking air pipe joints, PU air pipes, acid and alkali-proof oil pipes, high-pressure paint network pipes, etc.

Automatic spray gun:

1. The intake pressure can be freely adjusted according to the demand (2.5~3bar), which can reduce the rebound of the paint and save the paint. Thin and long atomizing spray width, uniform atomization, large spray width, fine particles, excellent effect, good coating effect and fast speed

2. There are a variety of nozzle diameters to choose from, which can be matched with a variety of spray paints, making it more convenient for you to use

3. The paint channel is made of stainless steel, and the nozzle and thimble are made of stainless steel S1, suitable for spraying water-based materials

Long pipe spray gun:

1.The spraying head can be adjusted 360 degrees, the spraying front group can be rotated 360 degrees, and the control is diverse and convenient.

2.A variety of different length designs and special length designs are available.

3.The outer tube is made of sandblasted anode, with bright surface, wear-resistant and anti-slip.

4.Quick-change nozzles for easy cleaning.

5.Fast spraying speed and uniform atomization

Long pipe inner wall spray gun:

1. The long-tube spray gun is suitable for long-distance deep and high spraying operations, the spray gun nozzle is specially designed, the paint adhesion is strong, and the spraying speed is fast

2. The spray gun has a variety of different length designs and special length designs to choose from

3. The nozzle and thimble are made of high-grade stainless steel, suitable for spraying water-based paint.

Random wire spray gun:

It can spray random silk, thick dots, fine dots and other patterns, suitable for spraying of arts and crafts, wood products and fabric patterns.


Medium pressure spray gun: 

suitable for automobiles, furniture, leather goods, hardware products, wood products, jeans and other products

Uses: Mainly used for medium and high viscosity coating, used for bottom surface treatment of advanced items, and also suitable for glue and varnish spraying

Automatic Simple Lifting Sprayer:

1. Cross pressure regulating device, equipped with anti-lock nut, simple and fast

2. There is no requirement for the installation direction, it can be installed horizontally or vertically

3. No complicated mechanical structure, easy maintenance and cleaning

4. Good voltage regulation performance, better effect within the rated flow range

5.304 stainless steel shell and filter, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance

6. Classic silver head, whole body stainless steel shell

7. Quick and easy to disassemble, easy to assemble, easy to clean

8. Complimentary 3/8inch and 3/8inch to 1/4inch wire (pipe adapter) adapt to different connection requirements

9. Keep stirring during work to ensure uniform output of paint

10. A sewage valve is installed at the bottom, which can be directly connected to the sewage pipe to discharge the filter residue at any time.

Paint stabilizer:

Suitable for general paint or other liquid media to stabilize pressure, cooperate with pneumatic diaphragm pump, effectively reduce the peaks and valleys of paint pressure produced by the circulating action of pneumatic diaphragm pump, and use spray more stably and evenly


Low-pressure paint filter:

 It is suitable for filtering impurities in various paints or other liquid media. The filtration density can be configured according to user needs. Especially in the spraying industry, it can effectively prevent impurities or hard blocks from the paint from clogging channels and nozzles, etc.

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