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Pneumatic tools - The Use Of Air Sander Machine
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The pneumatic polishing machine is mainly designed to make up for the coarse grains, sandpaper marks, flow marks, anti-white, orange peel and other minor defects on the surface of the paint film that may appear on the surface of the car after spraying, and the treatment is to grind and polish the paint film after spraying in order to improve the mirror effect of the paint film and achieve the requirements of bright, smooth and brilliant. Widely used in iron plate, wood, plastic, tire industry surface grinding, ship, automobile, mold, aviation industry fine polishing, deburring, rust removal, paint removal and other operations.

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Pneumatic sanding machines can be divided into two types: pneumatic and electric.

The pneumatic type is safer but requires an air source.

The electric type is easy to solve the power problem, but must pay attention to the safety of electricity.

When using pneumatic sanding machine, first of all, according to the oxidation of the car paint and the degree of damage to the use of the corresponding coarse and fine car wax, sanding machine in use before the machine must be turned on a test run to see whether the sanding sheet running smoothly and normally. The direction of grinding and cutting during operation is strictly prohibited to the surrounding staff and all flammable and explosive dangerous items to avoid unnecessary injuries. Keep the workplace clean and tidy. Use correctly to ensure personal and property safety. When using the pneumatic polisher, remember not to use too much force, but to use even force slowly.

Polishing can be divided into two stages.

The first part is rough polishing that is to remove the polishing damage layer.

The second part is the fine polishing is to remove the surface damage produced by the rough polishing, polishing damage can be relatively reduced, in addition to the polishing time it is best to pay attention to the surrounding.

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