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OEM&ODM Air Random Orbital Sander For You
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Our sander adopts high-quality materials, high-performance motor group and transmission system, low center of gravity, low vibration, low noise, and durable.


We also have various model of sander machines, which can be used in different fields, such as wood industry, automobile sheet metal industry, wheel industry, ship industry, electronic sheet metal industry, etc. Depending on the sander and polishing conditions, you can also choose different chassis configurations to meet your needs. For example, plane sanding, inner hole sanding and various curve sanding.


1.Random orbit sander machine series includes non-vacuum, central vacuum and self-vacuum series, and various sizes are available. A precision-balanced steel structure and powerful motor are used to provide optimum performance and less vibration in high-volume industrial environments. Ergonomic design with extended curved wrist support for increased user comfort during prolonged use.


2.The inner hole sanding series can solve all kinds of internal control problems, such as: sanding the beam on the back of the chair, quickly sanding small-angle fillets, and sanding plane steps. Selecting a suitable sanding disc can also achieve three-sided sanding of the top, front and bottom at the same time.


3.813 series sanding machine can realize multi-functional sanding according to different chassis. Among them, the square chassis is suitable for plane sanding and end sanding of woodworking, metal, plastic products, FRP, etc., and can also quickly and efficiently complete various large-arc end sanding, such as car surfaces, wooden barrels, bathtubs, art vases, etc. With the triangular chassis, it can also realize the sanding of small planes, table corners, and dead corners inside the drawer.


4.Linear orbit sanding machine, with reciprocating orbital motion, with 16 kinds of grinding chassis, can achieve chamfering, internal and external arcs, grooves, stepped surfaces, irregular curves, plane sanding, so that one machine can be used for multiple purposes.


If you want to know more details, please contact me and I will try my best to serve you.


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